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Ekaterina Borisova
Katya Borisova is a premium fashion brand established in 2003 and well known as well as in Kazan, Russia and abroad. 
13th of June
Place of birth:
Kazan, Russia
as a child Katya successfully graduated from the school of fine arts. There she got basic knowledges such as color and shape understanding that is so important in this profession. Katya studied tailoring and dressmaking at a college and then continued her education at Kazan National Research Technological University with a degree in "Couturier and sewing technologies". Then she studied at Tama Art University (Tokio).

I went to the sewing college because my mother wanted me to have some real profession. And that was the right decision. At the college I learned everything that I need in my work. At the university I studied external degree program which allowed me both to study and to work. Tama art university was a watershed: when I came back I decided to make my own fashion brand "Katya Borisova".
What I've done: 
Katya Borisova designed costumes for Alexander Slavutsky "The cherry Orchard" play staged at the Kazan drama theater named after Kachalov. 

It was an amazing and unforgettable experience. The play was held in an unusual way: the audience sat right on the stage so actors in their costumes were very close to the audience. That is why we needed high quality fabrics that would be able to undertake such stress. At the same time costumes were to be light and comfortable for the actors. So we used "haute couture" technologies
Opera singer Aida Garifullina  wore Katya Borisova dress during the Universiade opening ceremony in Kazan in 2013.
Katya Borisova was the head stylist of the national literature awards ceremony named after Tukai (Russia, Republic of Tatarstan)
Key events:
In 2009 Katya Borisova presented her collection "Herritage" at the Cannes Palais des Festivals. The collection is devoted to the interfusion of the Eastern cultures with Byzantine that is the major feature of many Russian nations. After the show one of the styled ethnic necklaces was bought by Catherine Deneuve.
Natalia Vodianova invited Katya to take part in fundraising auction of the Naked Foundation, where hand-embroidered ethnic uggs were sold at the maximum price.
The show in Cannes was a turning point in my vision of art: multicultural ideas were not only about politics but mainly about human relations. This collection promotes tolerance and mutual interest in other nations' culture.
Katya Borisova worked out a unique technology of theatre dress making that allows theatre costumes look artisanal and haute couture but at the same time comfortable and wearproof. The ethnic collection that demonstrates Tatar culture through fashion was shown in Cannes for the first time.
Famous for:
being Russian the designer pays much attention in her collections to the Tatar culture.
The Tatars is the second biggest nation in Russia, people of this nationality live all over the world. It is very important to show exciting culture and  great history of this nation through fashion.
And moreover:
I feel it is my duty to make this world more beautiful.
I am a lucky person because I adore my profession.
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